Coloring Book Campaign

Houston, TX

About the Campaign

The goal of the Hungry for the Culture coloring book is to validate and solidify black-owned businesses in Houston. Through custom illustrations, children will learn black Houston history while viewing black public servants as role models.

The campaign launches March 2021. The coloring book cover will be revealed when the books are distributed to participating locations.

Black-Owned Businesses

Owning a business is hard work. It is no small feat. The Hungry for the Culture coloring book will incorporate black-owned businesses and their owners into each illustration. We believe business owners are role models, and black children will have the opportunity to color in local owners; they see working hard every day. It is a powerful message we feel is needed in our community.

Black Houston History

Black history is around us throughout the city, but many do not know the historical markers or dates. The HFTC coloring book will incorporate Black Houston history by illustrating local landmarks and historical moments. This coloring book allows us to teach our children to identify black role models, and engrain our history through illustrations.

Public Servants

Black public servants face a tough dilemma in these hard times, yet they still strive to serve their community and balance tough emotional issues. We will use this opportunity to honor them for their service and teach our children the value they bring to our communities. The HFTC coloring book will incorporate these heroes into illustrations to encourage and inspire our youth to serve their communities with equal bravery.


Coloring books are distributed throughout Houston to participating restaurants and local businesses with a child-based operation including pediatricians, orthodontists and educational facilities.

Get Involved

Our 8.5″ x 11″ book will feature illustrations of Houston based restaurants and local black-owned businesses. The restaurant serves as a setting in the illustration to teach lessons and demonstrates black children having conversations.

If you’d like to include your restaurant in the book, let us know! We are also offering sponsorship options for non-food businesses.