Black Service Alliance Initiatives

Help us help our community

Our Initiatives

Black Service Alliance has placed a primary focus on connectivity and self-reliance within the black community. We believe that through education, a digital platform and support we can increase our buying power and create better opportunities. Our initiatives are structured to bring positive change to our businesses, our community and our homes.


Connectivity is how we find and support each other. Through BSA apps, including Hungry for the Culture, we connect black buying power to black businesses. From doctors and electricians, to bakers and real estate agents, Black Service Alliance apps connect our community.


BSA is developing a fund that supports black women and men in their efforts to obtain skillsets through trade schools and police academies. These scholarships will create opportunities to utilize black service providers for home projects, fueling profitable ventures and new business owners. Likewise, by sending more members of our community to the police force, we can begin to enact policies that protect us, and become the change that we want to see.

Community Improvement

We support the approach that through economic growth and improvement we can create neighborhoods of opportunity. Our neighborhoods can become places of opportunity, resources and an environment where our children can thrive and succeed. This starts by addressing individual issues: smoother streets, revitalized parks and rehabilitated commercial buildings. By partnering with community ambassadors, we will form a council to create and enact an effective plan.

Digital Presence

As a digital organization, we place emphasis on building strong digital presence and branding for black business. A complete digital structure allows businesses to attract and engage customers within our community, and beyond. We have partnered with several companies that provide a host of services and tools to operate your business effectively.