Black Service Alliance Facebook Groups Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn't my post approved?

The Black Service Alliance is the owner and administrator for several black-owned groups on Facebook. We have created this resource to help answer group members’ questions regarding post approvals. Below you will find explanations to the most common reasons a post may get denied in the group. If you have any questions regarding a post, please submit a ticket.

Common Reasons for Post Denial

There are multiple reasons a post may be declined. We are expected to maintain quality content in our Facebook groups, so post approvals are primarily based on content quality. Other reasons include:

  • Post violates Facebook rules, or we feel they are too close to the crossing line of Facebook rules
  • Post violates city, state, or federal laws.

A few of the most common reasons a post may be declined include:

I followed all post guidelines, why wasn't my post approved?

During certain times, we’ll ask for group members to assist with an initiative or group event. This can entail including links or hashtags with posts. For detailed information about different group initiatives will be posted below.

Seeking recommendations

To help us limit the amount of posts and to prevent flooding users’ timelines, please use the group search feature or the interactive map:

To locate a specific business, location, or style of food, please resubmit your post and we will approve it. This helps us provide quality content and avoid repetitive posts.

Photo Quality

We approve a higher percentage of posts with one HD picture of one menu item. To clarify, we approve a higher percentage of posts with one HD picture of one menu item, not one picture with a collage of images.

When considering a post for approval the most important aspect is the picture. We look to see if the picture is good content. There can be multiple things within the picture that make it poor content, so please careful read the list below.

Poor Content List

  • Out of focus
  • Poor lighting (it is difficult to see the item)
  • Unidentifiable (toppings are piled on top)
  • Picture is focused on individuals (this is a big one; we get a lot of posts of people posing and the post is “people focused” and not food related.)
  • Plate / container top is messy
  • Background has distractions (things that will make the photo trend: dirty kitchen, dirty room, dirty fingernails, etc)

Number of Photos

We have a limit of three (3) photos per post submission. It’s time consuming for administrators to review multiple photos in a post for spam content and violation of post guidelines.

We also approve a higher percentage of posts with one HD photo.

Post Length

We ask that posts are limited approximately 100 words and less than 10 lines long. This helps approve posts because admins nor group members will have to read long submissions.

Text Only Posts

We’re a photo based group. We ask that you include at least one HD photo in your posts recommending restaurants. This provides group members with a visual of the quality of your meal.

If you are lacking a photo for your post, we advise locating the restaurant profile on and including the link to the profile in your post. An image for the restaurant will automatically populate and your post is eligible for approval.

Repetitive Posts

Often times there are members that have visited a restaurant or purchased a product during the same time period. Other members of the group are now viewing posts that are relatively the same. We do not want to flood the timeline, so we suggest writing your review for a restaurant on their Hungry for the Culture profile:

Partially eaten food

Members have given feedback that they prefer to not see partially eaten food. Please resubmit your post with a different HD image of your item.

Shares from pages

Please post with one HD photo and limited text that is not a share from another page. We are no longer approving posts that are shares. We have implemented this guideline due to post content changing or becoming unavailable when shared from pages/profiles. The original poster has free reign to change the post content once the share has been approved in the group, and we would like to make sure we maintain our group quality level.


We will not approve promotional flyers for restaurants, businesses and other food service businesses. We ask that you resubmit your post with one HD photo and limited text.


We ask that members write their full length reviews (both positive and constructive) on: This ensures your experience isn’t limited to our 100-word limit, and you are also giving the restaurant owner a chance to respond without your post getting lost in the group feed.

Please locate the restaurant’s profile and provide your honest rating. Take the link of your review and resubmit.

Content not available

The content you are trying to share is not visible. Please check the privacy settings on the post then re-submit. Thanks!


We approve a higher percentage of posts with videos that are five seconds or less without unnecessary movements. Please do not shake the camera or pan in and out. Members do not engage those types of posts.

If you see a video that is longer than five seconds, the poster is a member of the Black Service Alliance and allowed up to a 15 second video.

Confirm restaurant information

It appears the restaurant you are attempting to share is not a food truck or brick and mortar location. If we are incorrect, please let us know.


We are currently not approving product posts.

We want to ensure the intent of the group remains true and that is to promote cooked food from black-owned businesses. This includes food that is sold by restaurants, food trucks, chefs for hire, bakers or those cooking in commercial kitchens. However, we will allow product owners to create an account and have a listing on the interactive map. We will also allow products sponsorship opportunities on the interactive map.


We are currently not approving posts for alcohol. We are attempting to get a better understanding of TABC laws and Facebook rules. Texas has a three-tier system that some posts violate, and Facebook has stricter rules than TABC. Based on this information we have made the decision to stop approving alcohol posts.

In some cases, we allow promotion of alcohol brands that are either:

  • Members of the Black Service Alliance (BSA)
  • Sponsoring special announcements
  • Sponsoring BSA events

Cooking from home

We will only approve posts that were prepared in a commercial kitchen. We can approve a post of your personal dining experience by a chef for hire that prepared the meal in your home.

Cooks: Please provide your commercial lease we can approve the post. If you do not have a commercial lease, please post as a chef for hire.

If you are cooking from home and interested in getting more information about commercial kitchens so you can post in the group, please submit this form: Rates are affordable and immediate move-ins are available.

Not black-owned

The business you are posting is not 51% black-owned. If you would like to dispute this, please submit a support ticket with restaurant information and proof of legal black ownership (at least 51%).

Lacking business information

Your post does not contain enough information about the business. Please resubmit your post with the business name and location along with any additional contact information if possible.


Here are other reasons a post can be declined:

  • Post is personal. (We understand some members want to use this medium to advance their own narratives, but that is not the intent of the group. We will decline posts that are personal stories. There are a few exceptions.)
  • Narrative of post is worded strictly to create controversial comments
  • Sexually explicit
  • Racist comments
  • Non-group related
  • Non-descriptive posts with no pictures and/or words
  • Spam posts
  • Political posts; the tone and narrative of the group can quickly take a turn
  • Poor grammar, excessive misspellings (Again we feel we are saving the post from trending in the group)
  • Fundraisers
  • Posts that claim they are giving a portion to charity
  • Posts that offer free food or free items (restaurants are running out of paid items; free items tend to run out quickly and the promotion causes chaos and unhappy customers)

Need help? Get support from the Black Service Alliance.

Submit a ticket for additional help regarding your post approval.

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