Build your business digital structure.

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Establish a digital identity for your new business.

Millions of potential customers are looking for services through online searches every hour. In today’s digital age, it’s important to make sure potential customers can find your business online. Purchasing a domain name for your website and email addresses, keeping up to date listings and having a social media presence are all important aspects of your business’ digital presence.

Building a strong digital presence will provide your business with a professional appearance, along with setting a foundation for future marketing campaigns. Your digital structure also allows you to build around a brand that attracts and engages potential customers.

Continue reading for your first steps in setting up a digital presence for your business.

Three Digital Priorities

These key steps will start your process for building your digital structure.

Domain Name

A domain name is a unique identity for your business on the internet. It is essential for all digital promotions. A domain that is tailored to your business increases your web presence by making you more accessible.

Email Address

After you've purchased a domain name, you'll need a professional email address for your business. A custom email address (Ex: represents professionalism and aids in promoting your business.

Social Media

There are more than 3.5 billion social media users. It's important to utilize social media in promoting your business digitally. We suggest setting up profiles on three major platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Domain Names

Every business (existing and startups) needs a strong online presence. One of the first things customers will do when researching your business is visit your website or use a search engine to locate your business.

Having a domain allows you to control your business image online and serves as the home for your business website.

Tips for a good domain name:

  • Keep it unique to your business
  • Use “.com”
  • Keep your domain name short (aim for 6-14 characters)
  • Easy to spell and pronounce (try to avoid double letters and unique spellings)
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers
  • Consider keywords related to your business (Ex:
  • Think long-term growth
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Creating and choosing professional email addresses

42% of people say the first thing they look for when deciding to open an email is who it’s from. When using general email addresses (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) you miss the opportunity to promote your business and represent your brand with a professional image.

Business email addresses are a low-cost investment to make sure you present your business with a professional and trustworthy appearance.

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Utilize standard email formats

Along with your domain name, the next element of a professional email address is the username and display name. The email username is the first portion of the email address ( and the display name is the name displayed in the email recipient’s inbox (John Doe).

You’ll need to select a username and display name format to use across all email accounts for consistency and organization.

Common Username Formats
Example: John Doe
First name only
Last name only
First name, last initial
First initial, last name
Full name (first and last)
Common Display Name Formats
Example: John Doe
Full name (first and last)
John Doe
First name and company
John @ Metropolis Plumbing Co.
Company name only
Metropolis Plumbing Co.

Create general email addresses

Generic email addresses are typically used for your website, account setups and marketing promotions. They are used as a way to provide contact information without providing an individual’s email address. This helps limit spam emails flooding your inbox but also sets your business up for growth.

Here are a few general emails utilized:

  • General inquiries: info@, contact@, inquiries@, hello@
  • Customer service: support@, returns@, billing@, service@
  • Sales: sales@, team@, members@

Social media aids in business promotion

Claim your business page on social media websites (Ex: @mikesplumbingatlanta). You can always return to the page and complete the setup.

Create a Facebook PageCreate an Instagram pageCreate a Twitter page

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