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Increase your impact by becoming a registered and active black voter.

Change starts with us. One way we can make changes on local and national levels is by voting. The Black Service Chamber’s voting initiative is designed to encourage the black community to vote by making resources easy to find and uniting our causes.

Find tools below that will help you register to vote in your state or check your voter registration status.

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Frequently asked questions about registering to vote

Is it too late to register?

Voter registration deadlines vary by state. Check your state website for information about deadlines.

How do I know if i'm registered to vote?

You can check your voter registration stated directly with your state. Utilize the resources above to find your state’s voter registration lookup tool.

Can you register to vote online?

Most states offer online voter registration. Check the resources above to access your state’s registration tools.

Can I put a PO Box address or a school mailbox address as my permanent address?

No. Your form will not be processed by your state if you put a P.O. Box as your permanent address. For districting purposes, you must put a physical address.

There is a section of the voter registration form to put your mailing address, in addition to your physical address.

I just moved to a new state. Can I register to vote in that state right now?

Residency rules vary by state. In some states, you may need to wait a certain number of days or have lived in the state for a certain amount of days before you register to vote in the next election. In others, you may be eligible to register to vote immediately upon moving.

A state cannot require you to live there for more than 30 days to register to vote. Please check your state’s local resources and guidelines on voting.

I live abroad. How do I register to vote?

We recommend contacting the Federal Voting Assistance Program. The group specializes in helping people living abroad and/or in the armed forces get registered to vote. The FVAP can also be reached by phone: (800) 438-VOTE.

Do I need to register again if I've moved?

Yes. If you’ve changed your address, name or political party, you must re-register with your state.

Do I need to be 18 to register to vote?

The voter registration age requirement varies by state. Most states allow individuals who will be 18 by the next election to register to vote.

Some states have a minimum age requirement to register to vote (Ex: you may have to be 17 ½ years old).

I have a felony conviction, can I vote?

It has been common practice in the United States to make felons ineligible to vote, in some cases permanently. Over the last few decades, the general trend has been toward reinstating the right to vote at some point, although this is a state-by-state policy choice.

In all cases, “automatic restoration” does not mean that voter registration is automatic. Typically prison officials automatically inform election officials that an individual’s rights have been restored. The person is then responsible for re-registering through normal processes. Some states, California is one example, require that voter registration information be provided to formerly incarcerated people.

Restoration of Voting Rights After Felony Convictions
Never Lose Right to Vote Lost Only While Incarcerated | Automatic Restoration After Release Lost Until Completion of Sentence (Parole and/or Probation) | Automatic Restoration After Lost Until Completion of Sentence | In Some States a Post-Sentencing Waiting Period | Additional Action Required for Restoration (1)
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Hawaii California (2) Delaware
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